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Tanguy Szekely

Avatar team member Tanguy Szekely is an oceanographer with a Phd degree in physical oceanography and ocean data analysis from Université de Bretagne Occidentale (submitted in 2012).
He has worked since 2014 on the topic of ocean in-situ data validation and objective analysis, on the project MyOcean, MyOcean2 and CMEMS. He co-founded OceanScope in 2017 with Jerôme Gourrion and keeps working on data analysis, data validation and objective analysis topics.
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Sébastien Guimbard

Avatar team member Sébastien Guimbard was born in Paris (France) in 1983. He has a B.S. degree in environmental sciences from the Versailles University (France) since 2006. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in metrology, oceanography, environment and physical methods in remote sensing from the University of Versailles (France) in 2010.
He is currently with OceanScope (Plouzane, France) working mainly on satellite remote sensing and in situ measurement of Sea Surface Salinity.
His research interests span the areas of physical oceanography, digital and analog signal processing, interpretation and modelisation of active/passive remote sensing measurements over the ocean.
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Théo Cevaer

Avatar team member COMING SOON
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Anciens membres de l’équipe / Previous team members

Marine Gallian

Avatar team member Marine GALLIAN is an Engineer specialized in Oceanography and Hydrography, she works mainly on the development of Python algorithms. Graduated from the ENSTA Bretagne engineering school in 2017, she then worked for 3 years in a consulting company before joining Oceanscope. During these 3 years she worked on various projects (for Ifremer, Shom …) always related to the study of the oceans, using marine or geophysical data.
She joined oceanscope in September 2020, since then, she mainly works on the Python development of a temperature/salinity database and on the quality control graphical interface.
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Nathan Beaulieu

Avatar team member Nathan Beaulieu is a physicist initially working in experimental condensed matter physics. During his PhD, he worked on ultrafast (femtosecond) magnetic phenomena at the SOLEIL synchrotron facility, using and actively participating in the setup of pump-probe experiments. He then worked on epitaxial Iron-based garnets in order to study their faraday rotation and their dynamical magnetic properties because of their excellent potential properties for spintronics.
He joined Oceanscope in September 2020. He is for now working on the Oceanscope system administration.
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Cécile Nys

Mug shot (sepia) picture of Cécile NYSIr. Cécile Nys (F) is Project Engineer at OceanScope. She is a Bioengineer (agricultural engineer) specialized in the Management of Fisheries and the Coastal and Continental ecosystems and in Forests and Natural areas engineering. Bilingual French-Dutch, she’s also fluent in English and Spanish.
She joined OceanScope in 2020 and works as Support Engineer and Project Manager on various national, European and international projects and in different groups involved in Ocean (Marine) data management : ODATIS, Data Terra, Blue Cloud and COPiLOtE.
Previously she worked in other marine related European and international projects : Blue Forests (blue carbon), Phidias (HPC – EOSC), EMOD-PACE (Ocean Data Management – China-Europe Cooperation), GIFS (Fishery gouvernance), Ecopotential (marine earth observation), Tech4Whales (marine mammal collisions) and SIMNORAT (stakeholder engagement and Marine Spatial Planning).


Jérôme Gourrion

Avatar team memberJérôme Gourrion is a physical oceanographer with speciality in data analysis. His experience spans wind waves / air-sea interactions / sea surface roughness and its impact on microwave active/passive remote sensing / salinity and water cycle / current estimation from drifting platforms / quality control of in-situ observations / statistics.
After 6 years at the Institut de Cienciès del Mar (CSIC, Barcelona, Spain) working on error analysis and salinity retrieval for the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity ESA space mission, he joined the R&D Coriolis team in 2014 to work on the quality control of hydrographic observations for the Copernicus Marine Service. In 2018, he co-founded OceanScope, a cooperative private company. Since that, he is also deeply involved in the company development concerning scientific, technical, strategic and teamwork aspects.
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